Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs for Reopening of Vasant Vihar Playmate Pre-school
1. The State Government, the State Education Department and the TMC have all declared that schools in urban areas of Maharashtra should re-open for physical classes for students from Pre-Primary to Grade XII from 24th January, 2022.
2. What is the reopening date?
Ans : Re-opening date for Vasant Vihar Playmate Pre-School students is as follows:
Tuesday, 1st February ’22 - Sr. KG.
Wednesday, 2nd February’22 – Jr. KG.
Thursday, 3rd February’22 – Nursery
One Parent will be allowed to accompany their child to the classroom on the first day of school to meet the teacher and clarify all their doubts.
(kindly note the dates given above. Timings for day one will be shared by the class teacher.)
Parents can submit the hard copy of the Consent Form to the Class Teacher along with the Medical History Form & Form A which will be provided by the teacher.
School for Sr. KG students- Friday ,4th February onwards. School for Nursery and Jr. KG students –Monday, 7th February onwards.
Students will be attending school physically thrice a week i.e. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from Monday ,7th February’22.
Timings will be
• Batch I- 8.00 am to 10.00 am
• Batch II- 11.30 am to 1.30 pm
Tuesday and Thursday will be online class as earlier.
Students opting for online class will have online class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2.45pm to 3.30 pm.
Tuesday and Thursday will be online class as earlier.
3. Is school uniform compulsory?
Ans : Dress code for students will be :
Red T-shirt and denim shorts/skirt.
Footwear –comfortable shoes & socks.
Slippers & Sandals will not be allowed.
4. Students do not have ID card, will they be issued one when starting physical school?
Ans : Students will be provided with an I-card on the re-opening day of school.
5. Do children need to carry books?
Ans : Jr.KG. & Sr. KG. students will carry a small backpack with one square lined notebook , one red and blue lined notebook (in use during the online class) two sharpened pencils, an eraser, a box of colour crayon(labelled) to school.
6. Do students have to carry drinking water?
Ans : Yes. Students will have to carry their own labelled water bottle.
7. Is mask compulsory for students?
Ans : Wearing a clean face Mask is mandatory for students.
8. What are the arrangement for arrival and dispersal of students?
Ans : We will be using the main gate and Siddhachal gate for entry and exit of students following all SOP protocols.
9. Vaccination status of Teachers and staff?
Ans : Both teaching and non teaching Staff are fully vaccinated. Bus Staff are also fully vaccinated.
10. What will be the monitoring mechanisms at school for any emerging symptoms of COVID 19, amongst students/staff?
Ans : Temperature of staff and students will be checked at the main entrance. In case, a student is unwell, he or she will be sent home.
• Parents are requested to abstain from sending their ward to school if the child or any other family member is suffering from fever/ cold/ cough or any other symptoms.
• Parents need to ensure that all members in their family are vaccinated.
• In case a family member tests positive then parents need to inform the Class Teacher. The child will not come to school till the family member recovers. He can attend online class during that period.
11. What is going to be the protocol regarding social distancing?
Ans : Students will be seated according to mandated physical distance both in class as well as school bus.
• As per the government norms only 50% of the class capacity will be allowed to attend school physically.
• Every Class will have 25 individual tables and chairs kept at a distance from one another to maintain social distancing.
• Only one student will be seated per table.
• Number of students seated in the class.
Section Class capacity Students attending offline
Nursery 25 12-14 at a time in class
Jr. KG & Sr. KG 45 20- 23 at a time in class
12. What will be the precautions taken for student safety? How are schools ensuring physical distancing is followed within classrooms?
Ans : • Table and chair will be arranged in a criss-cross manner.
• Students will not be allowed to move in groups.
• Enough space has been created between the tables of the student.
• Thermal check at the entry gate.
• Compulsory mask.
• No Toys as a precautionary measure.
• Children will not visit Play area/ auditorium etc.
13. What are the Covid protocols followed by the school?
Ans : Adequate clean and separate toilets for girls and boys.
• Separate isolation room to take care of students who take ill after reporting to school.
• Cleaning and fogging will be done after every batch.
• Provision of Hand Sanitizer. Students need not carry sanitizers to school. Every classroom & school bus is provided with a sanitizer which the students can use under supervision.
• Thermal scan of every person entering the school premises will be done.
14. What are the generic precautions to be followed while attending school?
Ans : • Stop hand shaking, avoid touching face, cover mouth during cough and sneezing, often use of sanitizer.
• Students having fever, cold and cough should not attend school.
15. Will there be a snack break?
Ans : There will be no snack break for students. Please ensure your child eats well before coming to school.
16. How will the dispersal be of students?
Ans : Use of main gate and Siddhachal gate for dispersal with proper social distancing and staggered timings.
17.Which area in the school will be set aside for Isolation?
Ans : Separate room has been ear-marked as Isolation Room on every floor.
18.Will students be allowed to visit the common play areas?
Ans : Students will not visit the common areas.
19. Will bus service be available? What will be the Bus fees?
Ans : We would recommend use of school Bus service as safety will be ensured. Buses will be cleaned and sanitized after every trip.
• Fees to be paid for the months - February to May Approx less than 3 kms - Rs.750/- p.m.
Between 3kms to 7 kms - Rs. 1000/- p.m.
Beyond 7 kms - Rs.1250/- p.m.
• Bus enrolment and Payment of Bus fees on 27th, 28th and 29th of January’22.Parents opting for School bus service can visit the school office between 10.30 am and 12.30pm to complete the enrolment formalities on the dates mentioned above.
• Bus fees will be accepted by Cheque payment only in favour of Goenka and Associates Educational Trust.
• Enrolment fee will be charged for new enrolments of Sr.KG. and all enrolments of Jr.KG. and Nursery.
• Students travelling by school bus will be allowed to carry a (labelled) snack box in case they wish to. The snack box to be kept in the bus itself.
20. We have come across many earlier instances of physical classes starting in some schools, and how one student turning positive led to going back en masse to online classes. What is the plan if such a situation were to arise for our classes? >
Ans : In such a situation protocol laid by the TMC will be followed.
• Student(s) showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated immediately. They will be properly supervised and masked.
• The parent, guardian, or caregiver is called immediately to pick up the child.
• Cleaning and disinfecting the areas that the ill student(s) occupied will be done on priority.
21. Will visitors be allowed during school hours?
Ans : No visitors will be allowed into the classroom area during school hours.
Visiting school office will be restricted to working days only.
General FAQs
1. Is there a fixed menu of snacks provided to children?
Ans: Children are provided with nutritious, freshly prepared snacks which are needed for the healthy growth of mind and body. There is no fixed menu.
2. How do you ensure children eating sufficiently?

Ans : Snacks time is supervised by the teacher and the aunty. They ensure that every child eats well. Those children who are allergic to certain food items are taken care of.

3. Can portion and poetry sheets be given in advance?
Ans : Children learn through play way method. The school does not believe in forced learning. Poetry is for fun, enjoyment and language development and not for memorization.
4. Can open sandals be allowed during monsoon?
Ans : All-weather shoes are prescribed by the school as part of uniform. In case of heavy rains, children are made to remove the shoes and socks in the class, thus allowing their feet to dry.