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welcome to GAET Counselling Centre

Goenka & Associates Educational Trust is a leading name in the field of Education.It is a pioneer in introducing School Mental Health. To help the students guide through the challenging process of developing and sustaining positive psychology, the state of Art Counselling Centres are set up by the Trust at Goregaon and Thane.

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12th State Level Open sea Swimming competition Held at - Chivala Beach, Malvan

#Distance: 1 Km.

Winners with position

# Boys

*Sufiyan Joshi- Second

*Adi Gosar - Third

*Rugved Surve - Fifth

*Kaustubh Jadhav - Sixth

*Shikhar Sahu - Seventh

* Devam Rathod - Eighth

* Archit Varvatkar - Ninth


* Sonakshi Shukla - Second

* Saaysha Sahani - Third


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    • School Counsellor
    • Speech, Language & Communication Therapist
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We wanted to genuinely acknowledge with gratitude, from the bottom of our hearts, the enriching experience that our daughter, Nitsa, received under your able guidance, unbridled love and much needed advice with firmness, from time to time. Right from level "Anvay" until Class "NIOS-XII", every single teacher has impressed us for their selfless service. Every teacher has invested their time & energy in uplifting our children. We pray to almighty to bless you & your loved ones with abundant joy, happiness & good health.

Parents of Nitsa Dodti (Smita & Raju)

Ex- Student

I pay my obeisance to the entire team of dedicated teachers functioning under the able guidance of Kothari Madam. Always heard of dedicated teachers and their clan in yester years making a difference to the outcome of the students and moulding them into worthwhile citizens. Here it was not one or two of them but the entire lot of highly dedicated and empathetic teachers; not only to the needs of the students, but parents likewise. The counselling and the support we both experienced were essential to maintain our sanity.Thanking the entire team, without their timely intervention this achievement would have been impossible.

Dr. Percy K Bharucha [Nyayosh Father]

Ex-Student (GAET Counselling Centre)