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    REMONTAR is a programme to channelize & escalate the potential of children with ASD & GDD, by providing a structured & individualized therapeutic intervention, in a school set - up.
    Age Group: 2 yrs.- 4 yrs.

    Masti ki Paathsala (MKP) is a programme to cater to children with ASD & GDD combined with daily individual cum alternative therapeutic intervention.

    Age Group: 4 yrs.- 8 yrs.

    ANVAY is curriculum based classroom model offering academics cum therapeutic intervention for children with ASD & GDD.

    Age Group: 4 yrs.- 6 yrs.

    AYAAN is a curriculum based structured and therapeutic programme to empower the children to achieve self- reliance and prepare them for open schooling.

    Age Group: 6 yrs.- 7 yrs.

    ADITI is a formal curriculum designed to prepare the children for OBE (Open Basic Education) and NIOS (National Institute for Open Schooling) so as to make the process of learning smooth and enriching.

    Age Group: 7 yrs.- 8 yrs.

    AAROH - is symbolic to the journey of children towards a new level of performance through intervention with an individual touch. Age Group: 8 yrs. - 16 yrs.

    AVISHKAAR - is an exploratory process with the objective to create an independent persona. The programme will equip youngsters, depending on their strengths & abilities, to be independent & productive members of the society.

    Age Group: 10 yrs.- 14 yrs.

    SAKSHAM - is a pre vocational curriculum to equip teenagers for pursuing vocations aiming for independent living to the extent possible.

    Age group: 14 yrs. - 16 yrs.

    Subjects Offered: Co-Curricular activities:
    Language - English Physical Education
    Mathematics Brain Gym
    EVS Art & Craft
    Computer Dance & Yoga






    Salient Features of Projects & Open Basic Schooling :

    Multidisciplinary Approach

        • Psychologist
        • Occupational Therapist
        • Remedial Educators
        • Speech Therapist
        • Language Enhancement Therapist
        • Dance & Yoga Teacher
        • Medical consultation
            • Psychologist
            • Occupational Therapist
            • Remedial Educators
            • Speech Therapist
            • Language Enhancement Therapist
            • Dance & Yoga Teacher
            • Medical consultation

      Everyday Therapies

          • Remedial Therapy
          • Occupational Therapy

        Weekly Therapies

            • Speech Therapy
            • Language Enhancement & Communication
            • Alternative Therapies


              We at GAET facilitate, guide and offer remedial education for OBE and NIOS programmes since 2006. OBE [Open Basic Education Programme] is conducted by PRATHAM an accredited institution under NIOS Board. It is an autonomous organization set up by Ministry of Education, Government of India.

              It provides educational opportunities to all. It offers a wide range of subjects to choose from, in comparison to any other boards of formal education. It provides its learners freedom to study at their own pace and write exam as per their level of preparedness. Besides this, there is a provision of accumulation and the Transfer of Credit from other recognized Boards.


              Level A Std. II
              Level B Std. IV
              Level C Std. VI
              Open Schooling Programme -X Std. VIII
              Open Schooling Programme -XI Std. X from any recognized Board


            •   Level A Level B Level C
              Sr.No Subjects offered Subjects offered Subjects offered
              1 English English English
              2 Math Math Optional Math
              3 Environmental Science General Science Science
              4 Pre - Vocational - Basic Kitchen Skills Social Science Bakery
              5 Basic Computer Skills Pre - Vocational - Basic Kitchen Skills
              Basic Computer Skills
              6 Basic Computer Skills

              Open Schooling Programme Secondary (X)

                Subjects Offered
                1) English
                2) Business Studies
                3) Home Science
                4) Economics
                5) Data Entry Operations
                6) Bakery & Confectionery

                Open Schooling Programme Senior Secondary (XII)

                1) English
                2) Business Studies
                3) Home Science
                4) Early Childhood Care & Education
                5) Data Entry Operation
                6) Mass Communication
                7) Catering Management

                Special Features:



                Physical Education (Chargeable)
                Art & Craft Remedial Education
                Dance and Yoga Occupational Therapy
                Brain Gym Counselling
                Classroom Counselling Medical Consultation
                Arts Based Therapy