At GAET, sports, both team sports as well as individual sports are given a place of prominence in conjunction with other co-curricular activities.
Coaching facilities are available in all our schools for the following activities. Athletics, Cricket, Chess, Football, Handball, Kho – Kho, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Judo and Roller Skating.
Coaching Facilities Available in Our Schools
1. Athletics 2. Kho - Kho
3. Cricket 4. Table Tennis
5. Chess 6. Taekwondo
7. Football 8. Judo
9. Handball 10. Roller Skating

Swimming Pool - Aquatics


In the year 1990, Goenka & Associates Educational Trust (G.A.E.T.) set up the 25M Swimming Pool at the Gokuldham High School Play Ground for the benefit of children of all Schools running under the ageis of G.A.E.T.

The Swimming Pool is run under the Management of the Goenka & Associates Educational Trust and is provided with modern amenities for Swimming for beginners as well as for swimmers to attain proficiency in competitive swimming.

This facility can be availed by outsiders as well as adults.

Many students have won in State as well as National Level Competitions.
1. Manager 2
2. Head Coach 1
3. Coaches 3
4. Plant Operator 2
5. Maid 3
GAET has a state of the art well equipped gymnasium.
The gymnasium membership is open to all our staff and students as well as parents and residents of the locality.
Rear Delt / Pec Fly Flat Bench Press
Lat Pull Down Incline Bench Press
Leg Press Decline Bench Press
Leg Curl Super Bench
Leg Extension Assisted Dip Chin
Angled Rowing Ab V-Crunch
Seated Calf Dumbbell
Smith Machine EZ Bars
Seated Preacher Curl Treadmill Machine
Multi-functional Station Cycling Machine