Objectives of the Teacher Traning Programme

To prepare a well informed, competent and reflective Teacher.

To enable the teacher trainees to acquire the attitudes, skills, insight and techniques necessary to carry out the following:-

To work with the children in the classroom.

To organize, plan and administer the school programme & children’s activities.

To work with the parents and the community.

To provide theoretical knowledge and understanding of the Principles of Pre-School Education based on child development.

To provide the basic knowledge and understanding for teaching and working with the framework of Indian conditions, local situations, resources and needs.

To improve the quality of education at the Pre- Primary Level.

To provide innovations in teacher education for continuous improvement.

To provide first hand experiences to handle special children in an integrated set up.

To enable the teacher trainees to understand the problems in children in their own schools and homes.

To make teaching, learning an enjoyable experience.