Every child has the right to education

A scholarship is an amount of money support, that is given by a school, an organization, etc to a student to help the student's education.

Importance of Scholarships

Scholarships provide students with an opportunity to be educated. There may be students who find it difficult to pay for their education. Scholarships provide these students with the opportunity to source money for education. Thus they are able to become a part of the workforce and contribute to society.

One of the most common type of scholarships that are issued in schools include the merit or academic scholarship that is awarded to students who do exceptionally well in academic and educational frontiers. These are directed towards acknowledging exceptional students for their achievements in the fields of academics and educational prowess.

At the same, more than just acknowledging their achievements, the scholarships act as positive reinforcements for the students, thus giving them an incentive to perform better next time and improve themselves incrementally. This can prove to be a huge boost for the student when he/she looks for a career opportunity in the field of excellence.

How GAET Supports?

We, at GAET offer financial assistance to students and specially-abled students. Initiated by our Founder Late Shri K M Goenka, this scholarship aims at supporting the education of students who demonstrate a financial need and specially-abled students by providing them with suitable financial assistance.
This Scholarship also enables these students to emerge as young professionals in the future.


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