Creative Arts

Creativity promotes thinking and problem-solving

At gaet, we value the power of dreaming, the joy of creation and the freedom to collaborate, design and perform.

The brain benefits of creative arts :

We know that viewing art can affect us in positive ways, open us up to new experiences and enhance our quality of life. But did you know that trying to paint a masterpiece is better than just looking at one? In this post, we’ll take a look at the many brain benefits of creative arts and how to make use of the various art forms to help your brain stay sharp!

Every time you participate in a complex activity such as participating in creative art-making, your brain creates new connections as different parts of the brain communicate with each other. With the development of new neural pathways, researchers have found that people who create art show remarkable improvements in:

1. Cognitive function and problem solving abilities.
2. Stress-relief and emotional well-being.
3. The development of personal expression and self-awareness.
4. Psychological resilience and capacity to recall information and memory processing.