A Building With Four Walls And Tomorrow Inside

"A building with vibrating ideas and tomorrow inside."

The left wing of the second floor, houses 4 sections of Nursery; a huge indoor play area and the Lego room.
On the right wing of the floor there are 2 classes of Jr. KG, 2 classes of Sr. KG a Multipurpose room, library, Art room and an Activity room.

Play Area

It is a well- equipped indoor play area.

Lego Room

Each table is equipped with duplo blocks of different shapes and sizes, by using them a child can develop creativity and hand co-ordination . It is amazing to see the children come up with innovative items. The artistically designed mosaic walls enhance the ambiance of the Lego room.

Multipurpose Room

This room has a small stage, a screen and very good acoustics. It is used for various activities like audio- visual shows, dance, drama, puppet show and so on.


It has not only books but also toys. The students can browse through pictorial books and well-illustrated story books or play with toys from easily accessible shelves.

Art Room

It has made to order tables with slits in the centre to keep colours, crayons so that they are handy to use. The students are given ample opportunities and ambiance to exhibit and develop their artistic skills.

Activity Room

As the name suggests, the room is full of equipments. Students can cook in the toy kitchen or have a tea party with fresh toast from the toy toaster or go around shopping with a toy trolley or play with blocks .In this room a student is actively engaged in activities.