School building :
The spacious building has five storeys with 44 well- lit and well- ventilated classrooms. Apart from this, we also have 5 halls to cater to the needs of our budding artists and artistes. To enhance the scientific temperament of our students, we have well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Keeping in mind the requirement of the day, we have two compact Computer Laboratories with adequate computers to serve the entire school. The School Auditorium is a huge hall fitted with a good sound system to conduct co-curricular activities.
School Playground :
Understanding the importance of energizing the body of a child along with educating his mind, our school provides ample opportunities for our students to play games like football, handball and cricket on our well-set playground.
School Library :
The aura of knowledge blossoms and spreads with adequate and apt reading skills. To quench the thirst of our young literary minds, we have an exemplary library spread over an area of 2034 sq. ft. with a great ambience. It is a treasure house with about 22184 books, periodicals and magazines, suitable for school students.
Additional Facilities :
The school campus houses a state-of-the-art Swimming Pool, training students for various aquatic competitions.

A wide range of Hobby Classes is conducted over the weekend to endow students with supplementary skills required for emerging a competent personality.