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28th January 2015, Wednesday will be a holiday on account of farewell party of Std X.

Primary Section:

10/02/2015 - II Term Project and Graded Exam
Std I and II - E.V.S Project , SUPW Exam
Std III and IV - 2nd Language Project , Drawing Exam

11/02/2015 - II Term Project and Graded Exam
Std I and II - 2nd Language Project , Drawing Exam
Std III and IV - E.V.S Project , SUPW Exam

12/02/2015 - II Term Exam
Std I and III - Moral Science and Computer Studies
Std II and IV - General Knowledge and 3rd Language

13/2/2015 - II Terminal Examination begins.

Secondary Section :

04/02/2015 - Open House Std X ( 7.30 am to 8.30 am)

05/02/2015 - II Term Exams - Std VII and VIII - Drawing / Computer Studies
Std V and VI - G.K , M.Sc

06/02/2015 - II Term Exams - Std V and VI - Drawing / Computer Studies
Std VII and VIII - G.K , M.Sc and P.A

09/02/2015 - Preparatory holiday for Std : V to IX

10/02/2015 - II Terminal Exam for Std V - VIII
III Terminal Exam - Std IX
Farewell party - Std X.
Tanvi Kulkarni (Std. VI- MP) has secured the Gold Medal in Dr. Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidyanik Science Talent Search Competition 2013-2014 for the School.